Gift Voucher


It’s now simpler to give the gift of art through Angela Hawkey Art’s Gift Voucher. Just choose the amount you’d like to give to your loved one, and we’ll send you a coupon code via email for that exact value. You can then forward the code to the recipient or write it on a card to give them.

Indicative Images Only

Please note that print and framing previews are not to scale. The images above are an indication only. The scale and proportions differ between print sizes or original artwork sizes, as the framing has a consistant profile size and is not increased or decreased based on print or original artwork canvas size.

Please understand that this fine art print offers the illusion of texture due to the way the original artwork photography or scanning captures the light and shadows to offer a similar viewing experience to that of the original painting, despite the fine art print being a flat reproduction using inks and paper or canvas.