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Discover the range of Angela Hawkey’s original artwork for sale in Australia. Angie’s artwork is a part of private collections all over the world.

Her works feature bright, paint-filled landscapes, seascapes, a range of still-life interpretations and stunning botanicals put on the page with an abundance of paint that creates marvellous textures that add depth to each and every one of her paintings.

Browse her range of original artworks and fine art prints to find the perfect addition to the walls of your home or a meaningful gift for someone you cherish.

About the artist

Angela Hawkey

As a photographer before becoming a full-time artist, Angie really notices those little glimpses of beauty that are often missed.

She likes to embellish on that and add a bit of playfulness and fun.

Even when starting with a subject or idea in mind, she freely deviates from the plan and loves the unexpected surprises and naturalness that come from a relaxed style of painting.

“I can’t have too much paint on the canvas. Thick, buttery paint layered on with a palette knife gives it that extra dimension. People often like to touch my art, and I love that.”

Angie standing in her studio looking at artworks in a drying rack

How to Buy
Angela Hawkey Original Artwork in Australia

Select your favourite works from Angie’s collection for a special spot in your home. You’ll find a selection of vivacious works that will bring some life and texture to any space.

When you purchase an original Angela Hawkey painting, you are not simply acquiring a piece of art – you are investing in a one-of-a-kind story. Each stroke from her palette knife is executed with precision and care, and the finished product is truly unique. When you hang an Angela Hawkey painting in your home, you are bringing a little bit of her world into your own.

Angie’s passion for artwork comes through in her original artwork. Her pieces are representations of the way in which she sees the world. Her injection of vibrant colours into her landscape portraits, still lifes and botanicals encourages the viewer to interpret the art in a way that is significant to each individual. Browse Angela Hawkey’s art to find a meaningful piece for yourself or someone you cherish.

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