The Block Artwork

Angela Hawkey’s range of original artwork has been featured on The Block Australia, one of the most popular reality TV shows in the country. Her paintings are vibrant and full of life, capturing the essence of the Australian landscape. Angela’s work has been described as bold & vivacious, and her paintings are featured in collections around the world.

The Block Australia is a highly respected television show, and to have her work featured on it is a huge achievement for Angela. 

How Angie Describes Her Art

Angie describes her artistic style as joyful, colourful, expressive and textured. Over time her paint application has become thicker and thicker, adding more and more texture and personality to her work.

She loves applying thick buttery layers of paint with a palette knife to bring her vibrant paintings to life. She has learnt over time to embrace painting in a fun and playful way rather than correcting things to look perfect, as she finds they have more personality and character to them this way.

Her art is more varied than most, and she loves creating new things and variety, so her works are constantly evolving.

You can shop Angie’s fine art prints by checking it out here, or browsing Angie’s prints on The Block Shop.

Images courtesy @theblockshop and The Block Shop website. Some photography by David Cook Photography.

Angie’s Inspiration

Angie finds inspiration for her artwork from all around her. She might see something that reminds her of a happy memory or notice a beautiful pattern in nature that she wants to translate onto her canvas. Sometimes, she uses photographs as a starting point, and other times, she will simply let her emotions guide her brushstrokes. Above all, Angie strives to create art that is expressive and full of colour. For Angie, art is a way to express herself and connect with the world around her. It is a source of joy and comfort, and she strives to make art that brings beauty into her viewers’ lives as it does her own.

Why A Palette Knife?

Angela Hawkey is a professional artist who specialises in creating original artwork using a palette knife. She has developed a unique technique that allows her to create intricate designs that portray different landscapes, botanicals, and still-life paintings. In addition, the use of a palette knife enables Hawkey to add texture and depth to her paintings, giving them a three-dimensional quality. As a result, her paintings are highly sought-after by collectors internationally and have been featured as The Block artwork on the Australian show. By using this specialised tool, she can create art that is beautiful and unique and gives you a glimpse of her vibrant personality.

Buy The Block Art by Angela Hawkey

Angela Hawkey’s stunning artwork has been featured on The Block Australia, and it is available for purchase through this website. Each piece is a unique work of art, and each one is sure to add a touch of luxury and elegance to any home. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for your living room or a beautiful painting for your bedroom, Angela Hawkey’s original artwork is sure to impress. Professional and experienced, Angela takes pride in her work, and it shows in the quality of her paintings.