Angela Hawkey Original Artwork Melbourne

Angela Hawkey’s original artwork for sale in Melbourne is characterised by bold strokes and bright colours. Usually working in oils, Hawkey captures a range of subjects in her paintings, from landscapes and seascapes to still lifes and botanicals.

What ties her work together is a mastery of paint application, which she uses to create textures that add depth and dimension to her canvases. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your home or a unique original artwork in Melbourne as a gift for a loved one, Hawkey’s original artworks are sure to impress. Browse her collection today and find the perfect painting for your space.

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Original Artwork For Sale Melbourne

Angela Hawkey’s original artwork is for sale in Melbourne. The use of a palette knife adds texture and depth to the paintings, which are otherwise quite flat. Hawkey’s unique style is defined by the bright colours and patterns she uses in her work. The majority of the paintings are abstract, but some have recognizable elements such as faces or animals. Regardless of the subject matter, each painting is full of emotion and energy. Hawkey’s artwork is sure to brighten any room, and the addition of a frame will only enhance the overall look.

Why Angie Paints With A Palette Knife

Angela Hawkey’s art is vibrant and unique, and she has developed a specialised technique that allows her to create intricate designs that portray different landscapes, botanicals, and still-life paintings. The use of a palette knife enables Hawkey to add texture and depth to her paintings, giving them a three-dimensional quality. As a result, her paintings are highly sought-after by collectors internationally and have even been featured on The Block Australia for the past two seasons across 2021 and 2022.

By using this specialised tool, she is able to create art that is beautiful and unique and gives you a glimpse of her vibrant personality. Her art is a reflection of her own vibrant personality, and it is clear that she puts her heart and soul into every painting. When you view one of her paintings, you can’t help but be drawn in by the beauty and uniqueness of her art.

Where Angie Draws Her Inspiration

Angie gets her ideas from everyone around her. She might be motivated to paint a lovely pattern she notices in nature or recall a nice memory to come up with a new artwork. Angie occasionally uses photographs as a reference, but most of the time she just follows her feelings when painting. She places a premium on creating art that is strong, expressive, and colourful. Angie interacts with her environment and uses art to express herself. Because beauty brings her joy and comfort, she strives to make art that does the same for her audience as it does for herself.

Buy From Angie’s Collection of Original Artwork in Melbourne

A home is not a home without art, and so many of Angie’s Melbourne customers have added her work to their homes and businesses. It’s the finishing touch that pulls a room together and makes it feel complete. Whether you’re drawn to Angela Hawkey’s abstract creations for their vibrant colours or elegant lines, her artwork is sure to add personality to your space.

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