You Make Me Wonder

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You Make Me Wonder, this painting masterfully captures the essence of this vast and vibrant terrain. The canvas is alive with a symphony of warm, bright colors that dance across the scene, creating a vivid contrast against the gentle, tan-white hues of the iconic gumtrees in the foreground. The Eucalyptus trees with their slender trunks and distinctive bark, their branches reach skyward, adorned with sparse leaves that shimmer in shades of emerald and silver-green.

Behind the gumtrees, the landscape unfolds in layers of color and texture. A field of yellow stretches into the distance, bathed in the golden glow of the sun. The painting is also adorned in hues of hot pink, orange, and yellow, creating a lively tapestry of flora that contrasts beautifully with the serene backdrop.

Rising majestically beyond the fields are the blue mountains, their peaks softened by a haze that lends an air of curiosity to the distant horizon. The mountains are painted in shades of pastel and powder, capturing the essence of their timeless presence against the vast Australian sky.

this painting is a celebration of the natural splendor of Australia, where vibrant colors and serene landscapes converge to evoke a sense of awe and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. It is a testament to her skill in capturing not just the physical aspects of the land, but also its spirit and essence, inviting viewers to connect with the timeless allure of the Australian landscape.

Indicative Images Only

Please note that print and framing previews are not to scale. The images above are an indication only. The scale and proportions differ between print sizes or original artwork sizes, as the framing has a consistant profile size and is not increased or decreased based on print or original artwork canvas size.

Please understand that this fine art print offers the illusion of texture due to the way the original artwork photography or scanning captures the light and shadows to offer a similar viewing experience to that of the original painting, despite the fine art print being a flat reproduction using inks and paper or canvas.

Print Sizing

When you select a size for a fine art print, it represents the actual printed area. A white unprinted border of approximately 2cm is added to this printed size for mounting/framing. If you require a specificly trimmed size for mouting your print in an existing frame, or you wish to have a specific white border offset into the trimmed size, please let us know in the order notes at checkout. Also ensure that the print size you select is equal to or larger than the trimed size you specify.

Printing Materials

Premium Canvas 395gsm

Our premium water-resistant professional canvas is made with a high-quality poly-cotton canvas foundation and is coated with a new, cutting-edge microporous coating. It is OBA Free (No optical brightening agents). The highest standard and accuracy for colour and black-and-white fine art reproductions have been ensured by the development of this product.

Waterproof and made exclusively for professionals looking for a canvas that can generate authentic fine art reproductions through precise scanning at an extremely high resolution.

Archival Matt Finish 310gsm

A luxurious 100% cotton Fine Art paper with a smooth feel that is reminiscent of the original real etching and printmaking materials. It is one of the whiter papers that is readily available, complete with a faint texture.

This museum-grade paper is perfect for printing fine detail, vivid colour images, and superb black and white portraits because it offers deep blacks, excellent image clarity, and ideal colour progression. Its distinctive mild grain also adds to its appeal.

Epson 20070 Ink Cartridges

The K3 & HDR ink from Epson is the foundation for UltraChrome Pro ink. It has an all-pigment aqueous (water based) construction that is intended for use in commercial and professional print output. The formulation offers archival-level picture stability, an enlarged gamut, and excellent colour accuracy.

Fast-drying ink creates prints that are resistant to water and damage. The ink set contains Light and Dark Grey for enhanced balance with neutral greys, less bronzing, and low colour casts/color twist as well as Vivid Magenta for brighter blues and pinks.

Improved Matte and Photo Black inks in the Pro formulation offer a higher Dmax for brighter prints with a wider tonal range in both B/W and colour. It also has a brand-new yellow ink that offers greater UV light resistance and additional durability enhancement.

Please Take Care

Unframed prints are inserted into their package with the utmost care. Because fine art prints are so delicate, it is strongly advised that only a professional framer remove them.
All canvas and paper prints should be handled with gloves and should only be touched on the outer edges, avoiding contact with the printed area.