2 Angela Hawkey Prints in Dylan & Jenny’s Winning Hallway – Week 8 The Block 2022

The scale of this hallway… 40 metres long, stepping down from the entry level to the living level. Amazing!

The timber frames on two of Angie’s fine art prints mounted behind glass were beautifully matched to the timber floors and bright space feed by natural light.

Walking in from the entry, the first of Angie’s prints is titled ‘Eucalyptus Leaves‘ as a still life matching the country fauna outside, and the next one is called ‘A Shared Land‘ in a nod to the Macedon region.

It's got a real sense of grandeur about it...
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You can find these fine art prints now available for your own home by checking them out here, or browsing Angie’s prints on The Block Shop.

Images courtesy @theblockshop and The Block Shop website. Photography by David Cook Photography.