Abstract and landscape connoisseur Angela Hawkey is renowned for thick texture and intuitive colour use, as is shown in this piece, Winter Garden.

Featured in Bluethumb’s 10 Best New Emerging Australian Artists

On January 28th 2020, Bluethumb published their 10 Best New Emerging Australian Artists of 2020 list. It feels nice to be recognised and selected from the hundreds of artists on the platform.

The article features my Winter Garden piece, which has previously sold, and continues to be a style I still enjoy exploring. You will find several other artworks I have created in this style in my Landscape Category. I can also paint you your own version, so feel free to get in touch.

The Bluethumb article mentions:

Abstract and landscape connoisseur Angela Hawkey is renowned for thick texture and intuitive colour use, as is shown in this piece, Winter Garden

Art pretty much flows through Angela Hawkey‘s blood. Raised in an artistic household with creative traditions, Angela has grown to experiment in photography, graphic design, ceramics – the list goes on. However, Angela is at her happiest with a paintbrush in hand and approaches the canvases with a free-flowing, unplanned and unpredictable mindset.

“Even when starting with a subject or idea in mind, I freely deviate from the plan. I love the unexpected surprises and naturalness that comes from a relaxed style of painting.” – Angela Hawkey

Colour and texture take centre stage in Angela’s work, which forge thick, layered landscapes, abstracts and still life.

Freddy Grant, Bluethumb

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